About Us

Arizona Society for Healthcare Engineering  was incorporated in 1994 to promote and expand the knowledge of Hospital Engineering to serve all of Southern Arizona and the Tucson area. AZSHE’s core values:

  • Engage industry leaders and contributors in an effort to optimize the physical healthcare environment
  • Improve hospital environment and outcomes
  • Assisting members to expand their knowledge and increase their competence in hospital engineering
  • Cooperating with hospitals, allied health care organizations, regulatory bodies, professional engineering and architectural groups in matters pertaining to hospital engineering and regulation
  • Promoting collaboration among members in order to provide a medium for the interchange of ideas and to disseminate material pertaining to hospital engineering
  • Engage members to participate with regular meetings, conferences, and educational programs
  • Healthier hospitals=healthier-happier community

Arizona ASHE is governed by faculty members and associate members that are representatives from various areas in Southern Arizona. These board members are nominated and elected by the general membership and serve for two terms. The board of directors meet on a bi-month basis and the dates for the meetings are available on the website.

Melissa Dominguez

Chapter President 2023-2024

Manager of Fire System & Energy


Jacob Linhart, CHFM, CHC

Advocacy Liaison
Past President 2019-2022

Carondelet Health Network
Market Director, Plant & Construction Operations


Richard Parker, CHFM

Associate Director for Life Safety & Physical Environment

Tucson Medical Center
Director of Facilities and Construction


Herman Johannesmeyer, P.E., CHFM

Past President
Retired Faculty

Banner – University Medical Center Tucson


Rosemary Bright

Associate Board Member

Architect | Business Development Director


Ashley Downes

Associate Board Member

Bernhard TME Project Manager


Arizona ASHE conducts bi-monthly chapter business meetings followed by an educational session open to all facility members and associate members. These meetings will provide you with information on challenges that faced every day in healthcare facilities management. Meeting dates are available on this website.