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Membership Information

Arizona Society for Healthcare Engineers memberships are available to professionals and students who engage in one or more of the following healthcare areas:

  • Facilities Management
  • Engineering /Maintenance
  • Architects
  • Safety Management
  • Facilities Planning Design & Construction Professionals
  • Engineering and Energy Management
  • Healthcare Officials
  • Related Hospital Fields
  • Healthcare Suppliers and Manufactures

Membership Information

Members will receive regular communication via newsletter, advocacy updates, and alerts.
Members will receive a certificate of attendance showing contact hours and CEU hours that can be applied towards certifications such as CHFM and CHC. Opportunities to network with peers and other professionals.

Membership Catagories:

Facility Member – Facility membership in the society shall be available to individuals, regardless of title, who are actively employed in Health Care related facilities (those that provide patient care) and who have the responsibility for Healthcare facility operations (plant engineering, design/construction, security, safety, fire safety, clinical engineering and telecommunications). This membership category may vote and hold office.

Associate Member – Associate membership also includes individuals actively engaged in services directly related to any of these disciplines, consultants, health planning professionals, allied hospital association professionals, shared services personnel, contract management firms, government officials, third-party payers, and management personnel in universities affiliated indirectly with medical centers. This class includes contract-based personnel and corporate officers of hospital chains. Associate membership in the society shall be available to manufacturers, vendors, distributors, and their respective employees and to those who have an interest in the field of facilities engineering. 

Honorary/Retired Member – A member in good standing who retires from active employment in the Health Care field shall remain in good standing as a lifetime, paid-up member. The society shall issue a life-long membership card to each retired member and he (they) shall have the same privileges of membership as all other members.

Any retired member who has been in the Society at least five years before retirement shall have meals paid for by the society at all business meetings provided funds are available. This membership category may vote and hold office.

Student Member: Student membership is available to full-time educators or students teaching or taking coursework related to any discipline represented by the Society.

Annual Membership Dues:

Facility Members: $20.00 annually, Jan. 1st
Associate Members: $125.00 annually, Jan. 1st